Thanksgivings Continued…

I’d like to share one more thanksgiving, though this blog topic could continue with endless thanksgivings and praises. In mid-October, I returned to work full-time at KICS (Kigali International Community School). Josiah and Norah transitioned to being in a morning Montessori preschool very well, and in time we all transitioned to the new schedule.

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Josiah is in the red shirt… 🙂

That is a thanksgiving in itself, but I want to share more. I guess you could say that I had joyously agreed to step back in at KICS as a pinch-hitter – filling in where there were gaps. This semester I worked to “investigate” the current primary curriculum. Basically, I spent my time asking teachers and administrators questions – lots of questions, observing classes, digging around in old documents, inventorying resources, researching what’s out there in the realm of standards, curriculum and resourcing and working with the Primary principal to state concerns and suggest “next steps”. It was challenging, invigorating and I hope helpful for the school in the long run. Pinch-hitting again next semester, I’ll be jumping into another role – to teach 4th grade while the teacher is on maternity leave. I’m looking forward to the time in the classroom again and working more directly with kids.

All that said, in the way of thanksgivings, I thank our loving God and father that I have this opportunity to be back at KICS. I thank God for this school, for the privilege to serve alongside others with a similar desire to know Christ and to make Him known within this community and ultimately the world. As I “investigated” the curriculum, I was encouraged to witness many instances of teachers sharing the grace, truth and love of Christ with kids. I even had the opportunity to hear the Junior class share what they learned this semester in Bible class, and was personally encouraged by their testimonies and the Truth that they articulated with deep conviction. I praise God that He is at work in each student’s life as they hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and “are rooted and built up in him” during their time at KICS.

Last week, I was also offered the opportunity to continue serving at KICS next year in the role of the Director of Teaching and Learning. Humbled by the opportunity and acknowledging that I have a lot to learn in order to fulfill this role well, I’m thankful that the Lord has given me an unshakable love and commitment to the people that make up this school community and that he has called me back to more fully participate in the work that He is doing at KICS. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and I trust that He will be with me and will be my ever-present help.





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