Stepping into 4th Grade

I can’t believe we haven’t written since Christmas. Well actually, I’m not surprised as my one track mind has been fixated in one direction over the last few months. Perhaps Daniel’s Facebook and Instagram posts are about all that we have shared recently.
At the beginning of January I stepped in to substitute teach for the KICS 4th grade teacher who was taking maternity leave. I loved being back in the classroom, though it was a bit all consuming at times. Being in 4th grade was quite a shift from my previous middle school and high school teaching roles. However, I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot along the way.
KICS started a J-Term this year. For the primary kids, each grade had a different direction that they focused on for a few weeks. In 4th grade we had the opportunity to dive in to discover Rwandan culture, history, geography, dance and language. It was a fun start to my three months in 4th grade.

The 4th grade class learning Intore (Rwandan traditional) dance

I also had the privilege of shepherding the kids through their second student-led conference of the year. It was so fun to see the kids take responsibility for their learning, set goals for their final quarter and articulate to their parents areas that they have grown and where they are struggling.

Student Led Conferences

On a daily basis I was the 4th grade homeroom teacher and taught Math and Science to both 4th and 5th grade. One major highlight for me was the first 15 minutes of each day. After greeting the kids as they arrived, we would begin each day with a brief class community time. We shared and discussed a passage of Scripture, sang a song or two and prayed – something that is so rare nowadays in typical American classrooms. I treasured those kids’ hearts as they lifted their voices in praise and as they prayed for one another and for the world.

I am so thankful for my time back in the classroom with these kids and once again reminded of what a joy it is to serve in this community in Rwanda. My time filling in as the 4th grade substitute came to a close at the beginning of April. The kids showered me with kind notes and hugs, though I will still be close by.  As the kids adjust back to their “real” teacher, I’ll now begin the transition to a different, more longer-term role as the Director of Teaching and Learning. Thanks be to God for this beautiful, yet short, season – for the challenges that came, the lessons learned, and the precious learning moments with students.

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