Preaching on National Radio

I am happy to co-post this entry with my friend and fellow missionary priest in Kigali, Brandon Walsh.
Brandon and I both work for the Anglican Church of Rwanda (PEAR) and are proud to serve alongside our brother and sister priests here in the country. I serve as a pastor at St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Brandon serves at the (soon-to-be) Cathedral in Kibagabaga on the other side of town in Gasabo Diocese. Recently I was approached by a national protestant radio station and offered a 30 minute time slot to preach every week. I then approached Brandon wanting to split the responsibilities, each preaching twice a month. He agreed and today will be the very first message (on Matthew 6 and Isaiah 58), broadcasted all over the country and picked up by some surrounding countries as well.
Needless to say we are both excited and humbled by this opportunity to preach and teach on a much larger scale than we are used to. It highlights the Lord’s goodness to us and affirms ¬†our mutual calling to communicate the Gospel with clarity, vitality and substance. We intend to create a podcast of the messages so that all of our friends, family and community in the U.S. can listen in from afar.
Please pray for this ministry and support us by donating through Church of the Redeemer.
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