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Daniel and Kari Hanlon are missionaries of The Anglican Church of North America, sent to Rwanda by Church of the Redeemer (Chicago) and the Rocky Mountain Diocese. They have lived and ministered in Rwanda since July 2011, seeking to participate in the work of the church. They are passionate about seeing people discipled and growing in faith. They are guided by the mission of equipping church leaders and lay people who will in turn “equip the saints for the work of ministry, so that the body of Christ will be built up” (Ephesians 4:11-12).

Daniel and Kari serve alongside their Rwandan colleagues to develop resources and implement trainings for pastors and lay leaders who would otherwise have very little biblical, theological or ministerial training. They also assist in the ongoing effort to encourage discipleship, through initiatives such as a national radio program, Bible studies and small groups, church calendar resources, Sunday school ministry, and pastoral engagement. Dan also teaches at a local Bible college – CLIR (Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda). They are members of St. Etienne Cathedral (ACR, Kigali Diocese), where Daniel was ordained and now serves as assisting priest. Kari serves as the Children’s ministry leader for the English Congregation. Kari also serves at Kigali International Community School. The Hanlons also provide a point of connection for Anglican churches in the US seeking to participate in the work of the church in Rwanda. Daniel and Kari live in Kigali with their two young children, Josiah and Norah.

You can reach them by email: Hanlons.Rwanda@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “About The Hanlons

  1. Kari & Dan,

    Was good to know all went well with the birth of your son, Josiah. You are doing God’s work in a mighty way. We will lift you up in prayer for safety and success in
    your mission there.

    Your second cousin, Dave Jacob and wife Angie are serving in Dali China working with the orphans in that area. Last month they finalized the adoption of, Levi, a 3 1/2 year old Chinese boy with albunism. He’s blond and light skinned and has vision issues due to his handicap. He is a happy, delightful boy. God has blessed us by bringing him to our family. Dave and Angie now are a family of seven. The have 3 redheaded boys, 15,11,2 and Lily also adopted from China and Levi. Dave
    studies at the local university learning the difficult language, is making friends and God is opening doors for his ministry, though officially he is a there on a student visa. It’s so neat to see how God has laid it on all of your hearts to serve him in far away places.
    God Bless you.

  2. Dear Dan

    (we are sorry we did not get to meet Kari – home with your very new-born Josiah, when we attended church there, at St. Etienne Cathedral – March 10th )

    What a joy to visit – a refreshing change from my mom’s Episcopal church in Montana – I must say; i wish she could have been there with us! We attended with the Rafiki missionaries who direct the operations of the Rafiki Village in Nyamata, and were totally blessed to spend 18 days with them – serving there and getting acquainted with the orphans, and their mamas and aunties. We are glad you are there to help teach/train pastors, who seem very hungry for God’s WORD – the source and SPirit of all of the re-conciliations you have been blessed to hear testimony of and witness while there. We attend a non-denominational Bible-believing church here in the Flathead (near Glacier National Park); many of the youth (and others!) of our congregation have attended churches near Chicago – Moody Bible and Wheaton. I just wanted you to know, that we were blessed while there in Rwanda, by the strength and hard-working nature of the people we met and the eager learning sweet young students in the village, as well as the desire for Christian-based education! (wow – public schools in the USA should take note…) I would love to hear more about your preparation and desires to serve there, and one question? Have either you, or Kari or others on staff or at KICS – ever heard of or participated in BSF (International Bible Study Fellowship)? Curious, because it may be a great outreach opportunity for you there! Also, we are about to share from our experience in rwanda with a Christian School (K-12) soon and wondered about whether or not you would have use of a few older teens, or college students at the KICS, or in helping with a Vacation Bible School, etc – so I can pass this on to them.

    Thanks for taking time to read my comments and encouragements for you and Kari and to let you know that i will pray for your continuing adjustments for parenting, as well as your teaching assignments there.

    Kelly (for John, too!) Swenson – 493 Hughes Bay Rd, Lakeside MT – email: swenjohnkelly@gmail.com

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